2017 Food Vendors Coming Soon!

Taste of Britain Fish-n-Chips, Pasties, Bridies, Corned Beef and Bangers w/Chips
Heritage Meat Pies Scottish Meat Pies and Bangers
O’Connor’s BBQ Tri-tip, Turkey Legs and BBQ
Daybreak Crepes and Coffee Sweet or Savory Crepes and Fresh Coffee Drinks.  Gluten-Free available
Capitol Concessions Hand-dipped Corn Dogs, Onion Rings, Garlic Fries and Deep-fried Vegetables
Rawlings Concessions Chicken Strips and Salads.  Vegetarian Available
What’s Poppin? Fresh Kettle Corn
Texas Snoballs Fresh Fruit Drinks and Shaved Ice
Mrs. J’s Frozen Treats
One Stop Ice Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream
Daughters of Scotia Baked Goods, Hot Tea, Coffee and Snacks
Clint’s Cowboy Coffee and Lemonade   Coffee Drinks and Fresh Lemonade


Home Arts Building

Vendor   Merchandise
Scottish Treasures   Teddy Bears, Pottery, Linens, misc.
A & A Design   Silver Jewelry
For Your Pleasure    Mugs, Flasks, Jewelry 
Welsh Baker & Tea Room    Enjoy Teas, Cakes, & Cookies
Touch of Britain    Food Products
Wheat Weaving   Decorative designs with Wheat 
Phoenix & Crow    Jewelry, Tapestries
Nagle Forge    Jewelry, Celtic Accessories 


John Rogers Building

Vendor   Merchandise
Family History of Surnames    Historical information on Celtic Names 
Fischer Enterprises    Ceramic Tiles, Bags, Tapestries 
Highlander Graphics    Stamps, Stationary, Books 
Postgate Jewelry     Jewelry
Brown’s English Toffee    Toffee
Celtic Nook    Books, Games, Accessories 


 Ag Building

Vendor   Merchandise
Celtic Shoppe    Tartans, Crafts
Bodice Goddess    Bodices, Skirts, Shirts 
Caledonian Heart    Tartans, Accessories 
Cloaked in Time   Handmade Hoods and Cloaks 
Rosehaven Garden Art     Metal Art 
Sage’s Woolenglass    Body care products, Soaps 
Blandford & Son   Bagpipes & Sporrans
Hammer Hands Music    Music, CDs
Reannag Teine    Pottery
Willow Jewelry    Jewelry 
Roisin Knitwear    Knitwear, Accessories 
History of Names    Historical Information on Names 
Adorn thy Hair    Hair accessories, Hats 
Age of Chivalry    Weapons 
Celtic Image    T-shirts, Flags, Tapestries 
Classic Stained Glass    Stained Glass Art 
Scotsman Beard Oil     Men’s Care Products 
Why Knot Fashions   Fashions, T-shirts 
Sean’s Creation    Jewelry, Tapestries 
Celtic Candies & Cakes  

handmade candies and cakes


Outside Vendors

Vendor   Merchandise
Kitchen Witch   Teas
Buzz Kidder    Kilts, Shirts, Sporrans 
Reedley Clayworks    Clay Pottery
Carbony Celtic Winds    Bagpipes, Flutes, Whistles 
McLaren’s    Shortbread
Little Dragons    Children’s Toys
BKArts   Purses, Glass/Stone Art 
Utilikilts     Kilts
Tartan Thistle    Bagpipes, Drumming 
Mrs. Morrison’s    Shortbread
Fiddle Guy    Musical Instruments
In Stone   Carved Stone Artwork
Coole   Embroidered Textiles 
Celtic Art Studio    Celtic Artwork
Celtic Jackalope    Jewelry, Apparel, Art & Gifts
Lyon Craft   Glassware, Leather & Wood Items
Singletree    Hair Jewelry, Flasks & Tankards