fiddlingWe would like to invite you to enjoy our Scottish Jam session.  Fiddlers from across Northern California will join us at the games to celebrate the traditional fiddle music of Scotland.  Together, we will perform five types of music:

  1. Scottish folk tunes with author unknown—these are very old traditional tunes.
  2. Traditional music by some of Scotland’s greatest composers (e.g. James Scott Skinner, William Marshall, Simon Fraser, Neil and Nathaniel Gow).
  3. Modern compositions written in traditional Scottish style as part of an ever-changing and continuing body of work.
  4. Fiddle music from the Shetland Islands.
  5. Fiddle music from Cape Breton.

Fiddlers Jam Session in Area 7:  Saturday 10-11am, 1-2pm, and  3-4pm and Sunday 11am-Noon, and 2-3pm, at the Scottish Fiddling/Harping Stage. Scottish Tune workshop Sunday 4-5pm near the Harpers Hall area behind the Scottish Fiddling/Harping Stage. Click HERE to see our playlist.

Harpers Hall Ensemble 2016

harps-3WHarpers Hall makes its home in the South San Francisco Bay Area and Central California Coast.  Our purpose is to promote an appreciation of the folk harp, to cultivate its living musical tradition, and to preserve the fun and magic of the harp for members and for the general public.  To that end, we hold numerous events throughout the year — from harp jams to house concerts, festival performances to yearly weekend retreats.  Journey through Harpers Hall to discover an enchanting world of harpers and learn their songs and their stories. Harpers Hall Performances in Area 7:  Saturday, 11am-Noon, 2-3pm, and 4-5pm and Sunday 10-11am, 1-2pm, 3-4pm.

To visit the Harpers Hall website, click HERE.




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