Over 20 years ago we started a tradition that is a lot of fun – Tug of War. For years out teams were from area Police and Fire Departments. We’d have 8 teams competing for bragging rights. In 2015, we went in a different direction.

Starting in 2016 our competitors have been members of area JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). Each high school program will represent a military unit; Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force. The students in these programs are the best of the best. They take their training, schooling, and community service very serious. The JROTC programs are based on leadership. These are elective programs and there are over 3,000 high schools in the US participating in this very highly rated program preparing them for skills of life.

We want to celebrate the contribution of our military personnel and the young people preparing for the upcoming leadership roles. There are also many Scots and Scottish-Americans that have played a major role in our US Military.


Tug of War:  Under International Tug of War rules, (yes there are such things), different branches of the US Military compete for bragging rights. Area 20

Kids can compete too!


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