Order of Play: Competitors will play in the order determined by the Games Sponsor. The first to enter will be the last to play. However, the Games Sponsor has the right to adjust any preassigned times in order to eliminate large gaps in the contest due to scratches or disqualifications.

It is the responsibility of solo piping and drumming competitors to arrive on time, to check in with the appropriate Games Official and to check periodically on the starting time of his or her contest. Competitors not on had when called will forfeit entry in that event. Every effort will be made to notify individuals of changes in the times. As they occur, changes will be posted in a central location.

Tuning: Pipers shall be limited to a five minute tuning time for all solo events. Pipers in Grades 3 and above shall be required to march during the march potion of any contest unless physically handicapped and unable to do so. Please note: tuning prior to your time slot will not be allowed in the judging area.

There must be at least one more competitor than the number of prizes awarded unless the judge thinks the prize is warranted.

Drummers will be required to provide their own accompaniment. No recorded music is allowed.

A complete set of WUSPBA rules will be available at the place of registration the day of the competition.

Contest will be organized under the WUSPBA Sanctioning Process

Your Games Pass and other information will be sent to you approximately 1 – 2 weeks prior to the Games. If you are affiliated with a participating band, no pass will be sent to the band for you.

For Piping & Drumming Information:

Robyn McBurney                    robynmcburney@gmail.com               530/354-6738

Drumming competition will be held on Saturday

P&D Headquarters opens at 7:45; Competition begins at 8:30

On-line registration will close at midnight on April 15, 2017