Farquharson-WScottish Clans (Scottish Name Societies) are an important part of Scottish history and tradition. We are pleased to have one of the largest attendances in our Glen of Clans of Scottish Clans and organizations in North America. In 2015, 60 Clans and Scottish organizations attended.

Clan and organization representatives will be more than happy to help you discover your family history and how to participate in their activities. Please stop by the Glen of the Clans and explore your heritage. Even if you are not Scottish they are a great source of information on Scottish heritage and traditions.

If you don’t see your Clan, contact your national Clan organization and suggest they come next year.

The SVSG&F annually recognizes a Best Clan with an award, and the honor of leading the Parade of the Clans at the Noon Ceremonies. Clans are judged on presentation, hospitality, and enthusiasm. The 2016 Best Clan award winner was: Clan Farquharson.

Want your Clan represented this year? Click here for an application.

Participating Clans in 2017:

  2017 Glen of the Clans  
Clan/Organization Name  Tent Location Clan/Organization Name Tent Location 072 Hall Society 025
Anderson 024 Hay 001
Big Trees Scottish Gathering and Highland Games 073-Pending Herd Family Association 051
Blair 065-066 Keith 117-Pending
Boyd, House of 028-029 Lindsay 094-95
Bruce, Family of 030-31-32 MacDougall 037-38-Pending
Buchanan 098-99-100-101 MacFarlane Worldwide 033
Cameron 067-68 Mackintosh Chatton Village-Pending-
Campbell 071 MacLaren 058-Pending
Chattan Chattan Village MacLean 048-49-Pending
Cian 011 MacLennan 014-15-16-17
Cochrane 052 MacLeod 055
Colquhoun 059 MacMillan 050-Pending
Crawford Association 096-97 MacNeil 113-114
Cunningham 091-92 MacNicol 036
Davidson Chattan Village MacPherson Chattan Village
Dixon Scottish Cultural Assoc. 084-85 MacVicar 118-Pending
Donald 078-79-80-81 Montgomery 005
Donnachaidh 056-57-Pending Mother Lode Scots 026-27
DOUGLAS 062-63 Munro Association U.S.A. 034-35
Elliot 102-103-Pending Nevada Society of Scottish Clans 053
Farquharson Chattan Village Reno Celtic Celebration/Sons & Daughters of Erin 054
Forbes 074-075 Ross 082-83
Fraser 076-077 Saint Andrew of Sacramento 003-004-Pending
Gold Country Celtic Society 012-13 Scottish American Military Society 104-105
Gordon 060-61 Scottish Information Society 028
Gregor 107 Shamrock Club of Sacramento 116
GUNN 006-007 Shaw 009-Pending
GUTHRIE 086-87-88-89 Wallace 008-Pending


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