The Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival is an all volunteer organization with help from hundreds of assistants interested in being involved. The Games Manager starts a year in advance, committee chair members work for 9 months prior to the event, and along the way many people ask to help us out; just because we are having fun. We really appreciate everyone who gets involved.

The following are the Chairs of our Games Committee. Please contact a chair person if you have a question and/or are interested in helping them out.   We try to match your interests with the venue you would like. If you have a general question you can contract the Games Manager directly.

We hope that you will enjoy our 2017 event. A lot of work goes into preparing and operating the Scottish Games & Festival. An honor we give to our Scottish culture.


Games Manager: Randy Russell
Ad Sales/Program: Kevin McLachlan
Marketing: Randy Russell
Angie Roddan
Jean Cress-Black
Facebook: Jean Cress-Black
Web Site:  Jean Cress-Black


Archery: Ed Caughie  
Animals Randy Russell   
Beard Contest: Roger Scott  
Beverage Sales: Lexie Kenyon
Sue Kenyon
Caledonian Tent:  Cherie Upchurch
Janice Douglas
Ceilidh:  David & Jessica Daley  
Ceremonies:  Angie Roddan
Stuart McNaughtan
Clans:    Roger Peeples
Country Dance:  Jeff Corrigan  
Entertainment: Randy Russell
Jean Cress-Black
Fiddlers & Harps:   Janet Kurnick   
Haggis Hurling:  Stuart McNaughtan  
Kirkin’:  Stan Anderson   
Lads & Lasses:   Alyce Balmain  
Lost & Found: Janice Douglas
Product Sales:  Janice Douglas   
Food Vendors:   Marcelle Bowden
Merchandise Vendors:  Angie Roddan
Walk Thru History:  Mary Hustler   
Whisky Seminars:    George Morrow  


Athletics:    Scottish Heavy Athletics
Drum Majors:   Angie Roddan
David Cubberly
Highland Dance: Kyla Groeschel
Rod Yip
Piping & Drumming:  Robyn McBurney
Andy Bodemeijer
Tug O’ War: Angie Roddan  


Accommodations:  Rodney Yip  
Communications:  Rodney Yip  
Ice / A Team:  Tim Frank   
Parking:  Neal Peart 
Lisa Androtti
RV / Camping:  Greg Brahms
Security:  John Daley
Sound Systems:  Mike Snyder/Skip’s Music   
Ticket Gates: Mercedes Geraldo
Shelley Peters