Welcome … 

The 2017 Games Committee invites you and your family to one wonderful Scottish weekend… April 29 & 30.  Join us at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, where you’ll find lots of fun, food, entertainment, competition, activities, and things to buy.  We started this way-out adventure in 1877 in Sacramento and here we are – 2017 in Woodland.

We’re also celebrating 20 years at our Woodland home.  We really appreciate the staff of the fairgrounds and the Woodland community for welcoming us into their neighborhood.

 You don’t have to be Scottish to attend, however it is helpful to love the sound of bagpipes, watching strong people throw telephone poles, men in “skirts,” wonderful highland dancers, drum majors, and very talented entertainers.  We won’t make you eat Haggis, but we do have a nice selection of other Scottish and regular food too.

 We’re an all-volunteer committee and want you to come join us.  If this is the first time you’re thinking of coming, do.  We know you’ll return again.

 See ya in Woodland!





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